Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy

Bailey Day Heating and Plumbing is committed to providing great quality and efficient plumbing solutions at an affordable prices.

As part of our commitment our business is based on the key principles of safety, honesty and integrity. We are open with our customers and have a fixed and transparent price policy.


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and transparent charging policy

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    VAT inclusive price

    Day Time of DayPrice for up to
    60 mins
    Price per 30 minutes
    after the 1st 60 mins
    Monday ­ Friday
    8am – 6pm After hours£85.00 – £110.00£35.00 – £55.00
    Saturday 8am – 6pm After hours£100.00 – £130.00£55.00 – £72.00
    Sunday 8am – 6pm After hours£140.00 – £180.00£160.00 – £200.00
    Holidays – inc. Bank
    Holidays, Christmas
    & New Year’s Day
    8am – 6pm After hours£250.00 – £300.00£250.00 – £300.00